We are RGB Uniwave

RGB Uniwave is a team of experts in optical and electronic design, dedicated to bringing high-quality laser diode applications & assistance to your business.

Three lasers with differing attachments

Applications assistance

From target marking to retinal scanning; art installations to free-space laser communication; whatever your application, RGB Uniwave have the optical know-how and years of engineering experience to really help your applications reach their full potential - all whilst keeping them simple, efficient and cost-effective.

We like to work closely with your business, and really understand the needs of your project. That way, you can rest assured that your application will be exactly what it can be.

If you have doubts with the specifics of a laser application, our team's engineering expertise can offer a fresh perspective to your project, helping to get it off the ground.

Issues with power-consumption, unit size or operating temperature? With our wealth of world-wide experience and out-of-the-box approach to problem solving, we can help you to reach a simple solution without compromising your application's vision.

A laser emitting a red beam A laser emitting a green beam

Laser & Detector design

What makes a good laser or laser detector design? The laser diode, laser driver or lens system? The housing, perhaps? For the engineers at RGB Uniwave, the simple answer to this complex issue is whether or not it is fit for purpose.


We work hard to understand your application and what makes it work. We then translate this into the design, ensuring that both laser and detector work as one to achieve optimum performance.


Be it the thermal effects of a laser's mount, the refractive index of air, natural turbulence or even the effect of the earth's magnetic field; by choosing RGB uniwave, you can be sure that your laser design will cover the little things that your competition won't.


We constantly iterate thoughout our design process, thoroughly testing, tuning and improving on the design to ensure that it does exactly what your application requires.

Meet the team leaders

The team at RGB Uniwave may be small, but you can be sure that your project is in safe hands - what they lack in numbers they make up in passion, dedication & experience.

Ken Owen

ken_owenKen Owen was educated at Kingston College Surrey and worked at the National Physical Laboratory in the 1960s, when lasers were still masers. After an extensive career in industry at Texas Instruments & Perkin Elmer, he returned to the Optics industry in 1977.

Selling his first company to Coherent in 1987, Ken started Vector Technology Ltd., a company responsible for many world firsts in laser communications, including the development of track-to-train communication in the Rail industry.

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Keith Snook

keith_snookKeith has been providing Project Engineering support to companies large and small since 1995.

After 14 years at the BBC, where he managed the installation of their first Fibre Optic Network, Keith joined Vector Technology Ltd. Whilst at Vector, he designed and developed FSO equipment to transmit video to moving trains on the Lantau Airport Railway. More recently Keith engineered the Liverpool Hope Street Project, celebrating the European Capital of Culture in 2008.

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